Grandparent House


History of the Grandparents’ House

In Baton Rouge over 10,000 children live in households headed by a grandparent. These grandparents face many challenges because most are on fixed incomes. To bring aid to some of these families, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Information Center of Louisiana (GRGICL) collaborated with Urban Restoration Enhancement Corp. (UREC) for their most successful project to date the Grandparents’ House. The Grandparents’ House is an affordable housing project located in north Baton Rouge that rents out apartments at reduced rates to grandparents raising grandchildren. Some low-income families qualify for assistance with the $430/month rent. With funding from local business GRGICL and UREC began renovations on older apartment buildings in 2003. Each of the complex’s 30 units has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Residents are reassured knowing that their grandchildren have a safe place to play. They also have access to tutoring and a computer lab. It is a great place for grandparents in similar situations to relate and support one another. The Grandparents’ House had its grand opening in November 2004 and has since brought a safe and affordable place for many families to live ever since.   See pictures